Arichal Munai, Dhanushkodi
The land's end of India is flanked by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other.
2024 Kadal Poojai
Sri La Sri Ponmudi Kodi Swamigal's Kadal Poojai function at Dhanushkodi is on Feb 26th, 2024 from 5:30 AM onwards

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Dhanushkodi is at the southernmost tip of Tamil Nadu, 25 km South-East of Rameswaram Town.

Legend says that it derived its name from the great Indian itihasa (record of history) of Treta yuga, the Ramayana. Records say that after defeating Ravana in the war, at the request of Vibhishana, Lord Rama used his bow and arrow to break the bridge connecting India and Lanka, the Ram Setu. The bridge had been constructed before the war by Hanuman and his army.

Considered the Land's End of India, Dhanushkodi has etched its name in Indian scriptures as the place which helped Lord Rama win the battle against evil, in the war with Ravana of Lanka. Supported by Sugriva's army, and flanked by brave warriors like Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama travelled to Lanka via the Bridge 'Ram Setu'.
The legend of Dhanushkodi
´╗┐The Moola Ramayana has notes which explain that Lord Rama had received the 'Shiva Dhanush' (bow of Shiva) from Parashurama. He had then given the bow to the king of the oceans for safekeeping. When venturing into the battle to reclaim his queen Sita, Lord Rama requested the king of seas to return his 'Shiva Dhanush' at this point in the land. And that's how the place got the name Dhanushkodi.
Amidst the serene settings, where land and sea confluence, the sacred mantra 'OM' reverberates in the sound of the waves. Kodi Swamigal meditated here with his hands raised towards the sky, standing in Ardha Siddhasana (one-legged posture), facing East during the first half of the day and West during the latter half.

Dhanuskodi-Thava Bhoomi
The Thava Bhoomi (a place where the eternal living saint did penance for years) has a small temple with Kodi Swamigal's sila rupam. Daily pooja & annadhanam happen at the temple. The temple is open to the public from 8 AM to 2 PM.
The Promise of Kodi
Those who make me happy at Dhanushkodi by offering themselves in Annadanam service will be relieved of their karmic bonds and be blessed.
´╗┐Dhanushkodi is a must-visit place in the itinerary for tourists and yatris(pilgrims) worldwide, and our trust has organised drinking water 24/7 at the temple. Annadanam happens every day; visitors to the holy shrine can have the prasadham and get blessed by the Ocean of Grace - Kodi Swamigal.
Kadal Poojai
Waves of grace sweep every soul at this annual event conducted in the Tamil month of Maasi on the 3rd day from the Maham star.
My temples shall become known to the world, by
offering annadhanam and not by rituals
- Kodi Swamigal