Annam vai praanah, Annam bahu kurveet

All life force commences from food. Let food be produced in plenty
There is no greater joy than being part of an activity that inspires, touches and impacts the lives of thousands. With the guidance of Kodi Swamigal, our trust tirelessly works on maintaining the vision of serving the hungry and needy daily. So come, be a part of this divine act.
It's a beautiful opportunity to be part of a noble cause that impacts thousands of lives across Tamil Nadu. So feed the hungry soul and get your heart's fulfilment.
If you wish to contribute materials for annadhanam, temple maintenance, or special events, please get in touch with us and use the opportunity to make a difference.
A human body is called the Annamayakosha - the food body. So when one provides food to a person, they give a body to the person.