Sri Periyavapuram Temple at Nelvalpalayam, Chengalpet

Temple for Mahaperiyava, Kodi Thatha, Shirdi Sai & many other siddha purushas
Blessed and Holy is India overall, but Tamil Nadu is a fount of Spirituality as well. A land glorified and inspired by countless sages, saints & siddhas; they continue to abundantly bless our land with divinity and grace!
Meeting of Ummachi Thatha & Kodi Thatha

The seemingly mysterious designs and plans that the Siddhas conjure and bring to fruition are way beyond human logical comprehension until it all makes sense much later!

The ‘chance’ meeting of Kodi Thatha and Ummachi Thatha (Mahaa Periyavaa) on the National Highway at outer suburb of Chennai is most definitely a case in point.

While the two Great Mahans met in solemn silence, we mortals exchanged pleasantries and marveled at the unusual occasion.
As per Kodi Thatha’s divine instructions, a Kumbhabhishekam was performed at His Thabovanam temple in Perungudi on 8th March 2020. Thereafter we left for Dhanushkodi with Kodi Thatha’s statue, to install & consecrate Him there on the 10th of March.
The above-mentioned meeting of the Great Mahans took place on the morning of 9th March and it immersed us in total awe!
We noticed that the passengers in a car in front of us were very keenly & inquisitively observing our Kodi Thatha who was seated majestically dressed like a King. Soon thereafter both cars stopped next to each other. When we alighted we were amazed to see that the other car had idols and portraits of Mahaa Periyavaa!
While the two Great Mahans met in solemn silence, we mortals exchanged pleasantries and marveled at the unusual occasion. This was our first meeting with Mr. Thanamkodi Radhakrishnan. We left without exchanging any contact details. I did not realise then that this was the first step in a spiritual journey where several divine souls would culminate in one place.

Soon after returning from Dhanushkodi, a second meeting of the Mahans took place again on March 18th 2020. Mr. Radhakrishnan happened to visit a Mahaperiyavaa devotee in Perungudi with the Padhugai of Mahaperiyava. On mentioning Kodi Thatha, the devotee informed him that Kodi Thatha’s temple was just nearby, and Mr. Radhakrishnan visited the temple with the Padhugai.

On setting foot at Thabovanam he immediately felt a divine presence. He also had a vision that ancient temple statues were present at the location.
We discussed and exchanged information during this visit. Mr.Radhakrishnan narrated his divine mission – to build a temple for Mahaperiyava and Ambal at Sri Periyavapuram near Koovathur - where coincidentally our Goshala was situated! Even at this stage we did not connect the coincidence and understand that this was all part of a much bigger plan!